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  • We invite you to download a 30-day, fully-functional trial version of Backup for Workgroups.
  • Current version = 8.2
  • Size of download = less than 10 MB
  • No rebooting is necessary at any point during the Backup for Workgroups installation and configuration.
  • After you fill out the form, press the "Begin Download" button to start the "bfwsetup.exe" download. We encourage you to enter your real name and email address. Don't worry, we will not sell your information. When we have true and accurate records, we can better support you if you happen to contact us with questions.
  • No need to un-install / re-install when you decide to purchase!

What is included in the Trial Software Download?

The download includes everything you need:

  • Fully-functional:  All features and options are available to try during the evaluation period except those listed below  (*).
  • Client software supports up to (10) Client computers for a period of (30) days.
  • All add-ons are available during the trial including the Open File add-on, which allows the backup of locked files such as Exchange and SQL.
  • The Backup Server software that stores backup data on the disk-based device of your choice is included.
  • No re-installation necessary when you purchase.  When it comes times to purchase, simply follow the instructions you receive, type in your License Number and the 30-day time limit is removed (no reboot required).  All Client settings, configurations and backup data remain intact.
  • The Answer to the Question Everyone Asks:
    The License Number field in the 30-day trial version is inactive/grayed out and will not allow for a License Number to be typed in.  After you purchase Backup for Workgroups, we will send you instructions on how to activate this License field to enter your License Number.  No re-installation is necessary and all configurations and existing backup data will remain intact.

Before you install the software, you might want to review our Installation Steps page and get familiar with installing and configuring Backup for Workgroups, or read the specific information on backing up an Exchange Server, Active Directory, or MS-SQL.

(*) Notes: Limitations on Evaluation Mode:

  • Due to US Government Export Regulations, the 256-bit and 56-bit encryption capabilities are disabled during the evaluation period.
  • Cross hardware restoration is disabled during the evaluation period. Why did we do this? Because too many people were using Backup for Workgroups as a free migration utility, instead of a backup solution that provides long-term, on-going data protection.  Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments about this restriction.
  • The Exchange Message Restore add-on will allow you verify that you can select messages to restore but not allow the restoration of email messages without an Exchange Message Restore Add-On license key.
  • You can only backup 10 computers during the evaluation period.
  • You can backup and restore files for up to 30 days and then the evaluation software will stop performing backups and restores.


Everyday, thousands of corporations, non-profits, and Government agencies use Backup for Workgroups Backup Software to backup their Windows Servers!  You can too!

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